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Raven: Light-Bringer Archival Giclée Art Print

By: ©Larissa Davis

Whether an omen or a bringer of light, the raven holds a special place in human history and lore. The raven is as smart as dolphins and chimps. Ravens are resourceful. They use their voices with alacrity, mimicking any sound they desire. They use tools, pointing things out to other ravens using their beaks, and hide food and other goodies, doing elaborate dances to draw attention away from their cache. In lore, they are connected closely to the non-physical realms of energy, and are guides in helping us pull to us what we desire. There is another legend that tells of the Raven stealing fire to bring light to the darkness of the world. Ask the Raven to bring light to your true desire.

Original Acrylic painting 36” x 24”, by Soul Path Artist Larissa Davis