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Papermaking, cast flax roving sculpture, contemporary basketry, lantern making

Wabi-Sabi Lanterns, Shadow, Form & Paper, Wabi-Sabi Basketry, Hand Papermaking

I conduct one, two and four day workshops at my studio in Santa Fe, NM. I teach fiber art workshops including papermaking with kozo fiber and abaca linters, lantern making and cast flax roving sculpture.

contemporary fiber arts

HOT: Heat-activated techniques for contemporary stitching Second Life: Reviving vintage materials

Both workshops can be structured for two or more days. Both are for any level of creative abilities, including no prior experience. Both workshops encourage participants to explore new approaches to art-making but with awareness that any new technique needs to fit firmly into an established studio practice or comfortable way to work after the experience. Susan brings all materials, supplies, and equipment to each workshop. Participants are only asked to bring their own scissors. Both workshops include professionally cut mats and demonstrations on custom picture framing. Everyone leaves with at least one finished work.

Wet Felting

Workshops range from simple vessel and beginner fibre art classes to more advanced projects where Caroline teaches a range of techniques that she uses in her felted artworks (her specialty!). The principals of colour selection and composition are covered, together with layering colours for blending. A variety of techniques for forming sculptural elements are covered, including using resists to add flaps, frills and relief, wrinkled surface texture, partially concealed prefelts, cords and loops, nuno Felting.

Shorter projects (such as felted bowls, illuminated fibre art tubes) are designed to be achievable for beginners. Caroline takes participants through the process step-by-step and also provides a sheet of instructions/prompts to enable them to repeat the process themselves at home. That being said, experienced felters have often commented that they have learned valuable tips and ideas from these workshops. Caroline also offers a range of technical workshop options that can the tailored to the interests of the group or individual. Creating a range of samples using some or all of the techniques that she employs, perhaps incorporating them into one larger artwork As a self taught fibre artist, Caroline has an intimate knowledge and understanding of her chosen medium, gained through her years of dedicated practise. Learn how she "paints" a picture using layers of coloured wool fibre and silks, the colours blending during the felting process to achieve an endless variety of colour combinations and surface textures. Caroline is a warm and encouraging teacher who is dedicated to facilitating the creative expression of each individual. Fibre is a medium that particularly lends itself to colourful and textural abstract works - participants are encouraged to let their creative hair down!

Weaving, Macrame, Kids fiber projects

I teach beginning and intermediate modern lap loom weaving classes (all materials included) to adults and children. I teach macrame workshops and other fiber project kid classes.

I structure my adult classes around 3 hours where I go over the basics of creating a woven wall hanging. Each class comes with tools and materials and a guide that the students can follow along and take home with them. The class is informal and a great way to have the time and space to create freely. I use an array of fibers so students can get a sense of all that can be created on a loom. With all classes (including macrame classes or student fiber classes) I include the materials that are needed and provide instruction and help if needed to complete a project. I work with all types of fiber (wool, cotton, alpaca) in varying weights and have also done projects with recycled materials (old clothing, plastic bags) and as well as leaves and other things found in nature.

Wet and Needle Felting

Introduction to 3D Needle Felting Intermediate 3D Needle Felting: creating armatures and solid cores; adding surface embellishments Introduction to Wet felt Landscapes Introduction to using wet felt resists and creating a complex colour purse or vessel Introduction to Nuno felting: creating a sampler scarf

While all of my felt workshops result in a final product, the emphasis is on acquiring knowledge and skills that enable participants to continue exploring felt making. I provide detailed demonstration and instruction while encouraging individuals to create unique objects. I am passionate about felt and want to spread the passion. Wet felt and needle-felt are currently the primary media that I work in in my own art practice. I often integrate them to achieve an outcome that could not be achieved by either felting method on its own. I also incorporate felt into mixed media pieces.

tapestry and design principles for fiber art

I teach classes about the design process for tapestry, especially using collage, and about elements and principles of design that relate to all the fiber arts. Classes include "Collage to Tapestry Cartoon" and its sequel; "Weave a Minime;" "Your Tapestry Superpower: Sampling" and others. See the workshops page of my website for the most up-to-date list:

Each class is different, but most include a PowerPoint slide show introducing key concepts and examples of tapestry and tapestry processes. There is usually hands-on design work and careful attention to how designs that start as sketches, collages and photographs can be translated into the tapestry medium. My aim is to help students gain practical strategies that give them the tools and confidence to make their own ideas sing in tapestry.

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