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Magazine Subscription

Membership in the Fiber Art Network includes a subscription to our quarterly print and digital FAN magazine. This can go with you wherever you are, so dive in!  Inspiration and connection to the fiber art community is always a click away.

Do you hesitate to subscribe before seeing a sample? We completely understand. Here are free articles for you! You also can buy a copy from one of our newsstand locations. If you want the best deal that provides opportunities all year long, join the Fiber Art Network.

You can also find and purchase back issues here.

Kind Words

"I find your content so inspiring. There are so many ideas presented that I’ve never encountered!"
Jodi B.

"Fiber Art Now reconnects me with an essential aspect of who I am. The ideas, inspiration, and all the rest pull me back to my core and reminds me to keep moving on with my practices. It’s easy to get distracted by life’s demands and obligations. Fiber Art Now is that centering word/intention that brings me back to the meditation and a measure of inner peace."
Kim P.

"I live in a small town and there isn’t a large group of people that have the same ideas or thoughts about creativity that I do. Fiber Art Now keeps me connected and it reminds me of how much there is going on in the world of fiber. So I’m grateful to stay connected to what I love."
Linda S.

"I love the inspiration as a springboard to try new designs or techniques."
Marie M.

"The inspiration, steady growth, and encouragement I have gained from my Fiber Art Network membership and participation were the strong and very much needed foundation for me taking my own practice forward...I share all of my FAN issues, the videos, and the resources I have been inspired by, and my students are choosing FAN for their link to be inspired-by the Network and the magazine as well!"
Bethany G.